Academy Academics

A Curriculum That Challenges and Inspires

Comprehensive college-preparatory classes prepare students for future success - in any field. Students attend class from 8:30am to 5:20pm each day, merging accelerated academic instruction with intensive artistic studies. Arts and academic instructors collaborate to provide a holistic approach to learning where math, science, history and literature complement a student's creativity.

The academic faculty use students' strengths as creative learners to develop greater appreciation for academic subjects. The process opens students' eyes to the sciences and humanities while preparing them for the rigors of the world's most competitive colleges and universities.


A complete college-prepatory program is offered from algebra to calculus. More advanced instruction is available through guided independent studies.


Active learning and hands-on laboratory experiences enhance the science curriculum with core classes in biology, chemistry and physics and specialized courses offered in ecology and genetics. More advanced instruction is available through guided independent studies.


Group discussion, analysis of literary works and the development of formal composition skills aid students in their understanding of English language and literature. Advanced students choose from electives such as Modern European Literature, Memoir, Women in Literature, among others.

History and Political Science

The curriculum is design to promote and understanding of humankind's historical, economic, political and social development with courses offered in Reconstruction and the Rise of Modern America; Political Philosophy; American Political Process and World History.

World Language

French and Spanish are taught exclusively in their target language. Using a variety of methods, student develop speaking, writing and comprehension skills.

English Language Learners

This program helps students address immediate linguistic and social skills necessary to excel in English-speaking society.