Academy Band

The Interlochen Arts Academy Band presents frequent concerts of unparalleled quality and diversity. Performances feature collaborations with renowned soloists, composers, and artists from all genres. The band also appears regularly in live online performances and on public radio.

The Academy Band is at the forefront of exploring new collaborative performance formats. Recently the band premiered a work by Angel Lam that combined film and storytelling in a concert memorial to the 50th anniversary of JFK.

Woodwind, brass and percussion students are placed into either orchestra or band based on preliminary auditions. Archived audio from 2013-14 can be found on the Interlochen Public Radio website.

2013-14 Repertoire

Concert 1 - 9/27
Variations on a Shaker Tune - Copland
Acrostic Song - Del Tredici
First Suite in Eb - Holst

Concert 2 - 10/19
Apollo Unleashed from Symphony No. 2 - Ticheli
Le Bal de Beatrice Est - Renaldo Hahn
The Engulfed Cathedral - Debussy
     (with the Interlochen Dance Department)
Symphony No. 6 - Persichetti
Molly on the Shore - Grainger

Concert 3 - 11/16: A Tribute to JFK
Fanfare #1 for the Inauguration of JFK - Bernstein

     (with the Interlochen Creative Writing Department)
The Leaves are Falling - Benson
Sinfonietta - Dahl
Serenade in C minor (388 )- Mozart
Color of the Mind - Angel Lam (World Premier)
     (with the Interlochen MPA Department)
Variations on a Korean Folk Song - Chance

Concert 4 - 12/19: Holidays at Interlochen (with choir, actors, Interlochen Public Radio)
Pineapple Poll, Mvt. I - Sullivan
Slalom - Pann
Sussex Mummer's Carol - Grainger
Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky
Star-Speak - Childs (world premier)

Concert 5 - 2/15
Spiel - Toch
Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - Holsinger
Sea Songs - Williams
Old Wine in New Bottles - Jacob
William Byrd Suite - Jacob
Jupiter from the Planets - Holst

Concert 6 - 3/13: Benefit for the Basler Foundation
Feirlicher Einzug - Strauss
Original Suite - Gordon Jacob
Concert Suite - Bolcolm
     with saxophone soloist, Timothy McAllister
Aurora Awakes - Mackey

Concert 7 - 4/23: Composers in Context Festival: Ned Rorem
Traffic - Rorem
Suite Francaise - Milhaud
Octet - Stravinsky
Sinfonia - Rorem

Points of Departure - Etezady
Student Composition - Aliya Ultan
Slava - Bernstein
Live webcast

Concert 8 - May 22: Student Festival
This concert is not open to the public.
Irish Tune
Symphony in Bb - Hindemith
student composition - TJ Martin
student transcription - Bryan Dunnewald


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Dr. Matthew Schlomer

Director, Arts Academy Band, Interlochen Arts Academy
Instructor of Classical Saxophone, Interlochen Arts Academy
Instructor of Saxophone, Interlochen Arts Camp
Faculty, Interlochen Saxophone Institute