Creativity Education

Kedrik Merwin
May 18, 2015

Ireland International Conference on Education

This month, I presented, along with Director of Comparative Arts Nicola Conraths Lange, at the Ireland International Conference on Education.  We spoke about creativity and collaboration. The workshop guided participants on how to develop a creative idea (Creative Output, Idea Fluency, Idea Flexibility, Idea Originality) and gradually moved towards collaborative philosophies such as those we use in our classrooms at Interlochen.  We believe that arts educators must embrace a broad and exciting vision for the development of twenty-first century learning through a process we call Creativity Education.  We focused on the importance of striving to be compelling, to be relevant to the world around us, and pushing the boundaries of our own sense of the possible.  It was enlightening to work with educators from around the world and to have the opportunity to share a bit of the amazing work that is happening at Interlochen every day.