College reps offer information and advice

November 13, 2017

On Oct. 30, visual artists had the opportunity to speak with representatives from several fine arts colleges during the annual Portfolio Review Day.

Nearly 30 colleges were in attendance at the three-hour event. Each student was given their own exhibition area, and signed up for meeting times with representatives from the colleges of their choice. Senior and postgraduate students met with representatives in the Herlitz Building, while underclassmen set up their spaces in the drawing and painting studios in Dow.

Most of the conversations in Herlitz revolved around the programs and offerings of the colleges the guests represented. In Dow, the reps who met with underclassmen offered suggestions and encouragement to the young artists.

Several of the representatives complimented the students on their artistic vision. “You can teach a skill, but you can’t teach ideas,” one of the reps said. Other representatives followed up their compliments with suggestions of courses that the students could take at Interlochen to enhance their artistic growth.

Others suggested diversifying subject matter. “Keep experimenting and find ways to incorporate different things,” another representative said.

Overall, one piece of feedback from the college representatives was universal: keep making art.