VA Students visit Boston!

Megan Hildebrandt
December 8, 2015

Visual Arts Majors visit Museums and Schools in Boston and Providence

VA Majors Nick Winstead and Whitney Yuen both sat down recently to discuss their trip to Boston:

Nick: "The Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum was my favorite part of the trip. It was unlike any other museum I have ever been to- such a personal portrait of the collector (Gardner herself). I also really enjoyed our school tour of the School of the Museum of Fine Art Boston. SMFA seemed like a place designed by and for artists- the curriculum is so self driven, it was exciting to see." 

Whitney: "The free time at we had at museums surrounded by contemporary art was my favorite part of the trip- particularly the Institute of Contemporary Art. Personally, I loved the Rhode Island School of Art and Design tour. Their facilities and student work were great- I can't believe they have glassblowing!"