Visual Arts Faculty Member Megan Hildebrandt with Solo Exhibition in Lansing at MICA Gallery

February 4, 2016


Artist Statement

My large and medium scale works on paper examine autobiography via repetition, ritual, and daily performance. I am interested in creating proof of my existence on paper. A litany of marks that monitor moments and months, a year of cutting paper by hand, daily records of a toddler’slinguistics I mark time in this work. In How Many Days Until Something is a Habit , I chronicle my pregnancy and early motherhood through abstraction. Each eyelet in the handcut paper is a mark of the energy I give my daughter; as she grows, the pile of cutouts gets higher, the piece of paper becomes more fragile yet still holds strong. I never run out of paper. In Daily Disappearance, I chart the sunset for three months. In ONE NEW DAY, I document the process of teaching my child to speak, recording her first phrases with pencil and paper. Palm and Birch examines the ebb and flow of human relationships through two large trees, found in opposite climates.