Important Technology Information for Academy Students

Important technology information for Academy students!

1:1 Laptop Program

In Fall 2012, Interlochen Arts Academy implemented a 1:1 laptop program for all Academy students. All students are required to have an Apple laptop with them at school. The laptop program is another phase in the ongoing modernization and technological improvement of Interlochen Arts Academy and the entire Interlochen campus. For further information about the 1:1 laptop program, please click here.

Acceptable Use Policy

ALL students along with their parents (only if student is a minor) are required to have a signed AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) agreement in order to use computer and network resources. We are now using DocuSign for all AUP's so that you can sign electronically. Students will not receive access to their email as well as internet until the form has been turned in.

Computer Registration

All students will be required to register their computer the first time they connect to the Interlochen network. Connect to the "Interlochen" WiFi and open a web browser. You should be redirected automatically to the website: If you are not redirected to this site, you can manually type it in your browser. Choose that you are a student and enter your network username and password that you were given.


Interlochen uses Gmail but you will have an email address. After you have received your login details, you can get to Gmail by navigating to or Please remember that if you are logging into, your full email address is required for the username.


Each dorm room has 2 ethernet ports. One is on the back of the phone and is labeled 10/100/PC and the other is a wall port. Remember that you will not have full internet access until your device is registered (see computer registration above).


Students will have separate passwords for each system they will be logging into. For example, Gmail, Aspen, and Network passwords may all be different. You could set them to be the same password but if you change one, the other two will not change. You would have to manually reset them to be the same. If you need a password to be reset, please contact the helpdesk and be sure to have your badge available for verification.

Student Discounts

Interlochen works with VarsityBuys to provide various student discounts. Click here to access the online store.


All residence hall rooms are equipped with telephones which are part of a VoIP (voice over IP) phone system. These phones can be used as emergency broadcast devices so they should never be unplugged. There is only one port in your room that will provide power to the phone; if your phone is not powering up, it may just need to be plugged into the proper port. Phones brought from home will not be able to operate on this network. Each student will have their own extension and voicemail. To access voicemail, dial 7258 and enter your pin. The default pin is 123456. If you need to reset your voicemail password, contact

Where to get help

The technology help desk is located in the basement of Maddy below the Academic & College Counseling office. Our number is 231-276-7242 or x7242 if calling from a campus phone. You can also email We have an online help system available at where you can search for information or submit a service request.