Postgraduate Year

The postgraduate year at Interlochen is designed for the student who desires an additional year in a high school setting to focus on greater artistic preparation before entering college, conservatory, university or art school.

The postgraduate student at Interlochen is required to enroll in at least one academic class of their choice each semester. The remainder of their course selections may be comprised of classes which relate to their major, courses in other art disciplines and/or additional academic classes which will enhance their high school transcript. The post-graduate student receives a certificate of attendance upon completion of their year at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

Please note: Interlochen offers a rich college preparatory academic curriculum which includes some AP level courses. While Interlochen is not accredited to grant college credits, academic course work in many of the upper level class offerings could be considered "accelerated" or "honors level" in their depth of study and go well beyond the typical high school curriculum.

Several of our current Academy students apply each year to remain on campus to study in a post-graduate year setting. Here's what two of our post-graduate students have said:

     "I have found Interlochen to be my ideal learning environment. I think spending another year here in which I would have less academic stress and would be able to focus even more on improving my viola playing would be extremely beneficial in increasing my preparedness for a conservatory education." - Katherine Curatolo, Viola major

     "I am currently undergoing an embouchure change in the Horn playing. Changing embouchure is a big adjustment, and takes a lot of time. I feel that in a post graduate year, I will be able to correctly finish the embouchure change and be able to prepare for college auditions. I wanted to be able to get into the best college or conservatory that I can with my ability and a post graduate year at Interlochen would enable me to do this. Another year of intense study on my instrument here will make me a better musician in the long run." - Sally Newton, Horn major

Students interested in pursuing a post-graduate year of study at Interlochen may contact an admissions counselor at 800.681.5912 or 231.276.7472 or email