Physical Education - Academy

For students who enroll at the Academy during their freshman or sophomore year, two semesters (one credit) are required to fulfill graduation requirements. This requirement is waived for students entering Interlochen as juniors and seniors without PE credit from their transferred school. Most students fulfill this obligation during their first year at the Academy. The Academy offers four courses from which students may select.

Physical Education

Target students by: Primarily grades 9-10
Pre-requisite, if needed: none
Seating priority: Students needing this credit to meet graduation requirements
Credit per semester: .50 per semester (full year course)
Meeting time: daily

The Physical Education program is designed to introduce students to a variety of sporting activities, including athletic and non-athletic pursuits. Also included are current health and wellness issues, designed to give students the tools to develop healthy physical habits.


  • To instill the importance lifelong wellness habits.
  • To learn the basic tenets of popular games and sports.
  • To become familiar with basic anatomy and physiology, and current issues that affect adolescent health and development.
  • To allow students to learn and participate in a supportive environment.

Student Performance

  • Daily participation in activities, including display of positive attitude and sportsmanlike conduct, is expected.
  • Both individual and group written work, including homework and larger projects, will be assigned.


  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of rules and play of games and sports through participation in daily class activities.
  • Students will be granted credit daily for participation in class activities.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of issues affecting their own health and development through class presentations, group projects, and homework.

Personal Fitness

Target students by: All students
Pre-requisite, if needed:Instructor Permission
Seating priority: Students needing this credit to meet graduation requirements, limited number of spots available
Credit per semester: .50 per semester (full year course)
Meeting time: daily

The Personal Fitness course is designed to allow students to focus on achieving specific fitness and nutrition goals


  • To instill the importance lifelong wellness habits.
  • To allow individual students to customize a fitness program tailored to his/her own needs and goals.
  • To teach students to use valid and reliable references when developing a fitness program.
  • To emphasize not only the quantity of activities and exercises, but the quality as well.

Student Performance

  • Students will set measurable, achievable goals (minimum of 3 fitness goals and 1 nutrition goal), and, with instructor, develop a fitness plan and schedule tailored to help them reach those goals.
  • Students are expected to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours a week to their own fitness program, and will keep a journal documenting their activity.
  • Student will meet biweekly with instructor to update activity and progress.


  • A portion of student Assessment will involve a measure of progress toward established goals.
  • Student will be evaluated on dedication and reliability in this Independent Study through a rubric designed for both self- and instructor Assessment. Both evaluations will be calculated as part of the final grade.
  • Student will write a reflective essay at the end of the semester, assessing positive/negative effects of their physical activity on their own well-being.


Additional courses to fulfill the graduation requirement:

General Dance

See Dance Department for course description.

Dance for Musical Theatre/Song and Dance Lab

See Theatre Department for course description.

Independent Study/External Physical Education Course

In very rare cases, students may apply to have an external physical education course or a physical activity to meet the Academy’s graduation requirement. The student must be enrolled in an ongoing organized external physical activity, which could include but is not limited to: horseback riding, gymnastics, intramural sporting teams, etc. Proof of participation just be submitted by the student through the supervising program manager.  Credit will not be issued by Interlochen, but the activity would allow the PE requirement of a student entering as a 9th or 10th grader to be partially or fully waived. Application forms are available through the Academic and College Counseling Office and must be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the semester.