Determining Elibility for Financial Aid

Interlochen uses Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to process financial aid applications. TADS provides Interlochen's financial aid committee with comprehensive analyses of families' financial situations. This allows Interlochen to determine each family's eligibility fairly and objectively.

The financial aid committee considers many factors when determining eligibility including household income, geographic location, family size, parents' ages, assets, debts, household expenses, tuition paid for other children in the family, etc. The amount of aid offered to individual students may also be affected by Interlochen's financial aid budget and programmatic needs.

The financial aid committee considers the resources of both biological parents, if living, before making an award. In a divorced or separated family, the resources of each household are considered separately. The resources of stepparents, if either natural parent is remarried, are considered but the financial aid committee does recognize the complexity of these relationships and endeavors to make realistic and equitable financial aid decisions.

Financial aid amounts remain consistent throughout a student's enrollment at Interlochen unless family financial circumstances change significantly. Families must submit an updated application for financial aid each spring so that the financial aid committee can review and make any appropriate adjustments based upon changes in family financial circumstances.

Interlochen is not able to offer full-scholarships to the Arts Academy but does make every effort to make attendance possible for every admitted student while funding remains.

Please do not hesitate to contact the financial aid office at if you have any questions.