Mathematics Objectives and Requirements

Course Descriptions

Statement of Philosophy

The Mathematics Department offers a curriculum with topics, course content, instructional emphasis, and teaching methods that meet standards of the new century.  The Department requires the use of hand held graphing calculator technology in all courses.  The curriculum emphasizes experimental and exploratory problem solving and communication of mathematical ideas verbally and in writing.  Students create and use graphs of data and functions to develop mathematical skills, to reason through problems, and to understand complex relationships.

Department Objectives

  • Provide instruction in contemporary high school mathematics.
  • Emphasize the student's role in the learning process.
  • Emphasize modeling real world applications.
  • Expose students to technology in mathematics and its applications.
  • Provide individualized help.
  • Offer a variety of teaching techniques that include cooperative learning and student participation.
  • Challenge the best students with difficult problems and mathematics competitions.

Graduation Requirements

  • Two years of mathematics is required of all students for graduation.
  • Algebra II is recommended, as current standardized tests such as SAT/ACT, include this material.
  • Three or four years are recommended to meet the entrance requirements of most colleges.