Music Major: Audition Requirements

Live auditions are encouraged. You can audition at a city near you as part of our upcoming Audition Tour, or you can schedule an audition on campus by calling the Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 800.681.5912. Recorded auditions can be submitted online at our DecisionDesk website, after you have completed the Academy application. Audition requirements by instrumentation are:

Piano and Organ

One major scale, one minor scale, one study or etude, and two memorized representative solo works of contrasting style


Demonstration of skills on any or all of the following instruments:

  • Snare drum  -  open roll, closed roll, solo including rolls, double and triple rhythms
  • Mallet instruments and/or piano – exercises, solos or excerpts from band or orchestral literature
  • Timpani – exercises, solos or excerpts from band or orchestral literature

Winds and Strings

One major scale, one minor scale, one study or etude, and one solo work


One study or etude and two solo works of contrasting style


Two solo works of contrasting style (must be submitted via video)


  • Applicants must upload video performances of two pieces from the solo classical vocal literature. The following composers may serve as suggestions, though not an exhaustive list of acceptable composers: Baroque composers such as Handel, Cesti, Scarlatti, Stradella, Bononcini, etc., Classical composers such as Mozart and Haydn, Romantic and 20th Century composers such as Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, Hahn, Faure, Debussy, Vaughan Williams, Rorem, Barber, etc.  Opera arias are accepted if the voice is able to sing these pieces in a healthy manner.  Suggested editions include, but are not limited to the Twenty-six Italian Songs & Arias published by Alfred Publishing, the Joan Boytim/Hal Leonard series, the Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Edition series, or the Oxford series.
  • Repertoire must be performed from memory, and in full.
  • Repertoire must be performed with live accompaniment.
  • Submissions must not have been edited or enhanced for sound.  One microphone should be used to record BOTH the singer and keyboard.
  • The camera should be placed in a fixed position in front of the singer, at a distance that shows both facial expression and physical posture/presentation.
  • As part of the audition process, the voice faculty may contact applicants to set up a phone or skype interview in addition to the video submission.


A minimum of three scores; a recording of works on CD is strongly encouraged, but not required. A MIDI realization is acceptable. PLEASE READ: special instructions for composition applicants.


A performance of three to five of a student’s original songs. Students will also need to share a copy of the song lyrics; for online auditions lyrics can be uploaded as a document.