Arts Academy Boarding School: Low Brass Major

Interlochen Arts Academy boarding high school offers student trombone, tuba and euphonium players a program of pre-professional music training and college preparatory academics. Students graduate well-prepared for the rigors of study at the university and conservatory level.

The low brass major requirements include:

Private Lessons

This course focuses on the fundamental basic technique of the instrument, development of expression and musicality, solo and ensemble performance skills and knowledge of genres and styles of music. Students are expected to practice a minimum of two hours per day on the assigned lesson materials.  Progress within the student’s potential is demonstrated in private lessons, studio class performances and the semester jury.  The student and instructor work towards specific short term and long term goals including recitals, college auditions and career choices.

Text/materials needed:

Arban's-Famous Method
Blazhevich-Clef Studies
Rochut-Melodius Etudes
Kopprasch-60 selected studies
Clarke-Technical Studies

Low Brass Studio

The Interlochen Arts Academy Low Brass Studio is a diverse group of individuals from around the world who share a passion for performance on trombone, euphonium, bass trombone or tuba. Led by Instructor of Low Brass Tom Riccobono, students are provided weekly lessons where they work on the fundamental basics and perform solos, etudes and orchestral repertoire. Weekly master classes give students an opportunity to perform for each other, work on orchestral and band section repertoire and perform chamber music. Our students are career driven and alumni are attending the major conservatories and universities schools across the nation.

Alumni have distinguished themselves internationally by winning solo competitions and prominent positions in major symphony orchestras.

College Matriculation

Class of 2019:
Levi Boylan, Juilliard School of Music
Paul Boutet, Eastman School of Music
Kyra Armes, University of New Hampshire
Conor Dailey, Ball State University
JunMing Wen, Indiana University
Rocky Fox, University of Southern California

Class of 2018:
David Schonberger, Curtis Institute of Music
Mary Paz Cubero Navarro, Cleveland Institute of Music
Allee Zaccor, University of Hawaii
Christofer Miller, Lamont School of Music
Colin Motley, Fredonia University
Francis Lazzara, Universiy of Michigan
Sophia Anasis, Indiana University

Class of 2017:
Chris Hall, University of Michigan
Stefan Hopman, University of Miami
Quinn McGillis, New England Conservatory
Oriana Fife, Ball State University
Jack Bert, New England Conservatory
Colin Towbin, DePaul University
Claire Bergin, University of Michigan

Class of 2016:
Marco Gomez, Juilliard School of Music
Sophie Volpe, Eastman School of Music
Alan HaoNan Liao, Cleveland Institute of Music
Cole Foster, Lawrence Conservatory of Music
Jeremiah Rodgers, Crane School of Music, Potsdam
Logan Boyle, Driehaus School of Business at Depaul

Class of 2015:
Cristina Dougherty, Colburn School
Aaron Albert, Juilliard School
Brett Kelly, San Fransisco Conservatory of Music
Ada Brooks, University of North Texas
Christopher Colby, Dartmouth College
Edmond Strominger, University of New Mexico
Jay MacKenzie, Ohio State University
Sam Silverman, University of Michigan
Simon Lohmann, University of Michigan
Somer Joe Hornbuckle, DePaul University

Class of 2014:
Danna Nelson, Cleveland Institute of Music, Sibelius Academy
Aden Beery, DePaul University
Christian Birkness, Eastman School of Music
Andrew Ennis, Oberlin Conservatory
Ryan Apathy, University of Puget Sound
Mark Porter, University of Denver

Class of 2013:
Lena Piazza-Leman, Northwestern University
Jicheng Zhang, New England Conservatory
Ryan Krofta, Indiana University
Katie Nagel, Oberlin Conservatory
Alex Melzer, Oberlin Conservatory
Koso Suzuki, Carnegie Mellon University
Devin Bennett, University of North Texas
Robyn Haynes, Ball State University

Class of 2012:
Ben Darneille, DePaul University
Sydney Richardson, Ball State University
Davis Erickson, Oberlin Conservatory
Kens Lui, New England Conservatory
Taylor Blanton, New England Conservatory
Zongxi Li, Lynn Conservatory
Chris Jakins, University of Texas, San Antonio

Class of 2011:
André Prouty, University of Houston, Juilliard School
Akshat Jain, Ball State University
Matthew Marchand, Oberlin Conservatory

Class of 2010:
Willie Paceley, Eastman School of Music
Jackie Dreher, Eastman School of Music
Abby Mayo, University of Michigan
Lucas Jensen, New England Conservatory
Austin Oprean, Cleveland Institute
Joseph Hudson, Manhattan School of Music
Emily Carter, Eastman School of Music
Teddy Malasky, Northwestern University
Kasey Yu, New England Conservatory
Alex Walden, trombone, Cleveland Institute, Curtis Institute of Music
Rui Liu, Cleveland Institute

Class of 2009:
Karolyn Byers, Southern Methodist University
Danny Gleeson, Belgium Catholic University at Leuven
Katrina Lettang, Oberlin Univesity
Christopher Haynes, Boston University

Class of 2008:
Rick Thornton, University of Michigan
Emily Hanley, Lawrence University
Jon Guaer, University of North Texas
Zachary Guiles, Oberlin Conservatory
Alexis Smith, Manhattan School of Music
Kevin LaRose, Michigan State University

Class of 2007:
Tyler Breland, DePaul University
Brian Cole, Colborn School
Mark Hsieh, Michigan State University
Xavier Galdon, Roosevelt University
Matt Szymanski, Northwestern University
Alex Nisbet, Lynn University
KC Collins, Boston University
Tony Goode, Duquesne University

Class of 2006:
Clara Conrad, Cleveland Institute of Music
Amanda Logue, Eastman School of Music
Evan Spacht, DePaul University
Conner Day, Oberlin Conservatory
Temi Daramola, Temple University
Cassie Black, University of North Texas
Russell Moss, CalArts
Andy Sharkey, Taylor University

Class of 2005:
Ross Laurent - Eastman School of Music
Joey Peters - DePauw University
Anthony Hopkins - Cleveland Institute of Music
Andrew Vandevender - Eastman School of Music
Travis Oakley - University of Michigan
Joe Walsh - DePaul University
John Hein - CalArts
Adam Arango - Penn State University

Class of 2004:
Kevin Bock, tuba, Arizona State University
Marc Boehm, trombone, Juilliard School of Music
Rachel Crawford, euphonium, Lansing Community College
Travis Dierolf, trombone, University of Texas San Antonio
Jeremiah Hemphill, euphonium, Eastman School of Music
Jordan Henry, tuba, University of Michigan
Clayton Jirak, trombone, DePaul University
Luke Sodergren, trombone, Luther College
Jeff Tomecek, trombone, New England Conservatory

Class of 2003:
Nicole Abissi, trombone, The Juilliard School of Music
Dimce Belcovski, trombone, Eastman School of Music
Chester Elliott, euphonium, University of Michigan
Aaron Hartley, trombone, New England Conservatory
Emily Dalton, bass trombone, University of Michigan
Joe Mitzman, trombone, DePaul University
Steven Gellerson, bass trombone, Duquesne University
Sander Schiller, trombone, New England Conservatory
Chelsea Risenmay, euphonium, Brigham Young University
Andrew Welborn, tuba, Cleveland Institute of Music
Rob Vagi, tuba, Indiana University
Donald Walker, bass trombone, DePaul University

Class of 2002:
Ryan Casey, trombone, Manhattan School of Music
Lauren Vork, trombone, St. Olaf College
Andrew Custer, trombone, Grand Valley State University
Nick Schwartz, bass trombone, The Juilliard School
Adam Dotson, euphonium, New England Conservatory
Carol Jantsch, tuba, University of Michigan
Thomas Ramos, tuba, Michigan State University

Class of 2001:
Benjamin Green, bass trombone, The Juilliard School
Ben Walsh, trombone, New England Conservatory
Joe Beaty, trombone, New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program
Dustin Marling, trombone, Eastman School of Music
Mark Holley, trombone, DePaul University
Tristan Eggener, tuba, Eastman School of Music
Brandyn Alejos, tuba, Lynn University
Antonio Alvarado-Ortiz, tuba, University of Wisconsin
David Cortes, euphonium, Louisiana State University
Aaron Ging, euphonium, Eastman School of Music

Class of 2000:
Dan Linden, trombone, New England Conservatory
Doug Ward, trombone, Cleveland Institute of Music

Class of 1999:
Jon Lombardo, trombone, The Juilliard School
Joshua Bell, trombone, Indiana University
Tim Norris, trombone, Manhattan School of Music
Benjamin Huisman, trombone, University of Michigan
Zac Crawford, bass trombone, , Indiana University
Reed Woodson, euphonium, Indiana University
Jon Herbert, Eastman School of Music
John Whitener, tuba, Curtis Institute of Music
Nicholas Wyatt, tuba, Indiana University
Matt Lyon, tuba, University of Michigan

Class of 1998:
Noel Wallace, trombone, Eastman School of Music
Shannon McLeod, trombone, Oberlin Conservatory
Martha Kelly, trombone, McGill University, Montreal
Canada Peter Margules, trombone, Michigan State University
Edwin Propst, trombone, St. Olaf College
Morgan Crawford, euphonium, Indiana University
Jesse Johnston, euphonium, University of Michigan
Trey Hogan, euphonium, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Kevin Sanders, tuba, Indiana University
Brian Richardson, tuba, Royal Academy of Music, London, Great Britain
Justin Brooten, tuba, University of Michigan

Class of 1997:
Jay Cheshier, trombone, Indiana University
Lynne Townsend, trombone, Yale University
J.W. Stasiak, trombone, Indiana University
Tim Febey, trombone, Royal Academy of Music, London, England
Andy Hunter, trombone, Oberlin Conservatory
Erik Moga, euphonium, University of Michigan
John Baggott, euphonium, Eastman School of Music
Andrew Tucker, tuba, University of Kansas
Peter Zillmann, tuba, Kalamazoo College

Competitions and Jobs


Cristina Dougherty - Principal Tuba at Young Artists Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Hudson - Won a position with the United States Air Force Academy Band
Amanda Hudson - Principal Trombone of the New Mexico Philharmonic

Ada Brooks - Won first prize, 2015 Leonard Falcone Student Euphonium Solo Competition

Matt Szymanski - President and Music Director at Phoenix
Nicole Abissi - Trombonist in The Stiletto Brass Quintet
Marc Boehm - Trombonist, Albany Symphony Orchestra
Dimce Belcovski - Principal Trombone at Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Trombone at Makedonska Filharmonija
Kevin Bock - Tuba Professor at Grand Canyon University, Adjunct Faculty at Paradise Valley Community College and Principal Tuba at Castleton Festival
Ben Walsh - Principal Trombone at Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale

Amanda Hudson - Trombonist with Symphony in C

Ben Darneille - Second prize, Leonard Falcone Student Tuba Solo Competition and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
Nicole Abissi - Won a one-year position with the Colorado Symphony

Matt Lyon - Was hired as Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at Ball State University
Alex Walden - Accepted into the Curtis Institute of Music
Amanda Logue - Accepted into the Juilliard School

Emily Carter - Finalist in Young ARTS, Finalist in Leonard Falcone Solo Competition
Alex Walden - Winner of Eastern Trombone Workshop Solo Competition and Finalist in Young ARTS
Nick Schwartz - Won bass trombone position in New York City Opera

John Whitener - Won Principal Tuba with the Royal Scottish National Symphony
Nicole Abissi - Won Second Trombone with the Alabama Symphony
Emily Carter - Featured on 'From the Top,' Semi-finalist; Leonard Falcone Solo Competition
Carol Jantsch - CD release, 'Cascades'

Kevin Sanders - Hired as assistant professor of tuba and euphonium at the University of Memphis
Joseph Hudson - Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award, featured on NPR's From the Top on August 6, 2008
Rick Thornton - Won a position with the Warren Symphony as prinicipal tuba. Finalist in the International Tuba and Euphonium Young Artist Solo Competition.

Ben Green - Won bass trombone position, Zurich Opera Orchestra
Nicole Abissi - Won position with the New World Symphony

Carol Jantsch - Won principal tuba position, Philadelphia Orchestra
Andy Hunter - Winner of Antti Rissanen International Jazz Trombone Competition, held in Kottka, Finland.
Andy Hunter - Winner of the Eastern Trombone Workshop Jazz Competition, held in Washington D.C.

Andy Hunter - Winner of Antti Rissanen International Jazz Trombone Competition, held in Kottka, Finland.

Jonathan Lombardo - Concerto winner, Juilliard School of Music, performance with Juilliard Orchestra and on NPR's Performance Today. Also won the second trombone position in the Buffalo Philharmonic.
Ben Green - Won the bass trombone position with the Hartford Symphony.
Jordan Henry - Second place, student tuba division, 2004 Leonard Falcone Competition.
Carol Jantch - First place winner at International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen, the artist division at the Leonard Falcone Festival and the tuba artist competition at the 2004 ITEC, semi-finalist for the New York Philharmonic tuba audition.
Andy Hunter - Finalist in Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition, held in Washington, D.C.


Chester Elliott - First place, student euphonium division, 2003 Leonard Falcone Competition
Rob Vagi - Second place, student tuba division, 2003 Leonard Falcone Competition
Ben Green - Second place in the The 2003 Zellmer-Minnesota Orchestra Trombone Competition, held on May 24th at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis
Nicole Abissi - Scholarship winner at the 27th Annual Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition, Clarinda, IA, held on Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ben Green - 2002 ITA Solo Competition Winner
Jon Lombardo - 2002 ITA Robert Marsteller Solo Competition
Andy Hunter - 2002 ITA Frank Rosolino Jazz Solo Competition
Ryan Casey - First place, 2002 Eastern Trombone Workshop, division 1, tenor and bass trombone
Chester Elliott - Second place, student euphonium division, 2002 Leonard Falcone Competition>
Rob Vagi - Third place, student tuba division, 2002 Leonard Falcone Competition
Andy Hunter - Awarded a Grant for research on the jazz scenes in Shanghai, China and Taipei, Taiwan by the Shanxi Assiciation; after research also awarded a Newton Prize for contribution to cross-cultural understanding.

Jon Lombardo - 2001 Larry Wiehe ITA solo competition
Ben Green - First place, 2001 Eastern Trombone Workshop, division 1, bass trombone classes
Tristan Eggener - First place, student tuba division, 2001 Leonard Falcone Competition
Aaron Ging - First place, student euphonium division, 2001 Leonard Falcone Competition
Ryan Casey and Nicole Abissi - Finalists in Eastern Trombone Workshop solo competition, division 1

Carol Jantsch - First place, student tuba division, 2000 Leonard Falcone Competition
Tristan Eggener - Third place, student tuba division, 2000 Leonard Falcone Competition
Brandyn Alejos - Second place, Bohemian Solo Competition
Zac Crawford (as alumni, ‘99) - Third place ITA mock orchestral competition

Jon Lombardo - 1998 Interlochen Arts Academy Concerto Competition
Adam Dotson - First place, student euphonium division, 1999 Leonard Falcone Competition
Jon Herbert - Third place, student euphonium division, 1999 Leonard Falcone Competition
Nick Wyatt - First place, student tuba division, 1999 Leonard Falcone Competition
Matt Lyon - Third place, student tuba division, 1999 Leonard Falcone Competition

Jon Lombardo - 1997 Interlochen Academy Concerto Competition, 1998 ITA Scholarship Solo competition winner, 1997 Women's Brass Conference Solo competition (placed 12th out of 60 in the age category of 0-29)
Kevin Sanders - First place, student tuba division, 1998 Leonard Falcone Competition
Morgan Crawford -First place, Kalamazoo Concert Band Solo Competition (Tim Norris, Jesse Johnston and Kevin Sanders were finalists in the same competition) and second place, student euphonium division, 1998 Leonard Falcone Competition
Matt Lyon - Third place, student tuba division, 1998 Leonard Falcone Competition
Jesse Johnston - Finalist, 1998 International Tuba Euphonium Conference
Tim Norris - Finalist, 1998 Eastern Trombone Workshop Solo Competition
Kevin Sanders and Morgan Crawford - Competed with 400 instrumentalists in the Air Force Band Solo competition and were selected as two of five finalists. They performed in January in Washington D.C. Andy Hunter - Winner of Downbeat Jazz Magazine Composition Competition (1997) (while still a student at IAA)

Lynne Townsend - First place, 1997 Eastern Trombone Workshop Solo

Recent Visiting Artists


  •     Joseph Alessi - New York Philharmonic
  •     Mark Lusk - Penn State University
  •     Mark Kellogg - Eastman School of Music
  •     Randy Hawes - Detroit Symphony
  •     Stefan Sanders - Buffalo Philharmonic
  •     David Vining - Cincinnati Conservatory
  •     John Marcellus - Eastman School of Music
  •     Jon Lombardo - New York City
  •     Don Lucas - Boston University
  •     Mark Hetzler - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  •     Kenneth Thompkins - Detroit Symphony
  •     James DeSano - Oberlin Conservatory, former Cleveland Orchestra
  •     Jeremy Willson, Vanderbilt University, Vienna Philharmonic
  •     Dan Satterwhite, Lynn University


  •     John Mueller - University of Memphis
  •     Adam Frey - Soloist


  •     Carol Jantsch - Philadelphia Orchestra
  •     Andy Miller - Western Michigan University
  •     Tim Northcutt - Cincinnati Conservatory
  •     Donald Harry - Eastman School of Music
  •     Fritz Kaenzig - University of Michigan
  •     Phil Sinder - Michigan State University
  •     Frank Crawford - U.S. Marine Band
  •     Matt Brown - Pennsylvania Academy of Music
  •     Brian Frederiksen - WindSong Press
  •     Matt Lyon - Ball State University


Thomas Riccobono

Instructor of Low Brass, Interlochen Arts Academy; Faculty, Interlochen Trombone, Tuba and Euphonium InstituteArtistic Director, Adult Band Camp; Low Brass Faculty, Interlochen College of Creative Arts

M.M., Music, Penn State University; B.M., Music, Eastman School of Music; Performance Certificate, Music, Cleveland Institute of Music