Registration and Requirements

Please click on your major below and review the following sample information on course loads. Information indicates programming, and credit counting it is not placed in period order.

Academic class loads may vary by individual, especially those students transferring in at grades 11 and 12, artistic loads however will remain consistent.  

Please see Department course descriptions for division requirements and details.

Concerning Interlochen Requirements

Note the following when contemplating your schedule:

  • Due to class size limits the Academy reserves the right to substitute course choices and change requested hours.
  • Know the Interlochen graduation requirements
  • All students must enroll in and maintain a minimum of five hours of class per day, including at least one academic.
  • All one year seniors must enroll in and maintain a minimum of six credits for the year, including at least one academic each semester.
  • A private lesson counts as a class period.
  • Students wishing to schedule a private lesson outside their major must audition for the lesson and have the permission of the Chair of the Music Department. A final decision will not be made until studio size is determined in the fall.
  • All 9th grade students must also participate in the Interlochen 101 course.
  • Please refer to the Course Description Manual regarding specific requirements for your major.


The minimum requirement for graduation from the Academy is 22 units. A minimum of 10 of the 22 units of credit must be academic courses that include the specific requirements outlined below. Additional course work beyond the minimum requirements is selected from a variety of electives to fulfill arts major requirements and to satisfy anticipated college/conservatory entrance requirements. See COLLEGE/CONSERVATORY EXPECTATIONS section that follows. Students should seek complete information from their counselor in the Academic and College Counseling Office regarding graduation and college entrance requirements.

Requirements for new students, regardless of class year

(Credit) Type of Course

(1.0) 2 semesters of English I (grade 9 equivalent)

(1.0) 2 semesters of English II (grade 10 equivalent)

(1.0) 2 semesters of English III (grade 11 equivalent)

(1.0) 2 semesters of English electives successfully completed during grade 12

(2.0) 4 semesters of Social Science *

(2.0) 2 years of Mathematics

(1.0) 1 year of Science

 * (1.0) 2 semesters of the History requirement must occur in grades 11 or 12.

Concerning College Requirements

Note the following when completing your schedule:

  • College and Conservatories are not looking for light Senior loads.
  • The completed Junior year academic schedule and grades are the ones which will be sent with College applications in the fall of the Senior year.
  • Know the requirements for the Colleges you hope to apply to.

Colleges are seeking:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3-4 Years of Math
  • 3-4 Years of Science
  • 3-4 Years of Social Science
  • Minimum of 2 years of study in the same Foreign Language

Students will work through Aspen to schedule course requests.

Sample Four Year Plans by Major