Robert Milazzo

Filmmaker-in-Residence, Interlochen Arts Academy (Second Semester)

Founder and Host, The Modern School of Film

Robert Milazzo is the founder and lead instructor of The Modern School of Film, an international film and media education and discussion series where guests from the worlds of movies, music, literature, comics, and culture discuss the films that have most-influenced their life and work.  Guests of the series have included Ang Lee, Anthony Bourdain, Bill Hader, Christopher Guest, David Cross, Donnie Yen, Fred Armisen, Glenn Close, Henry Rollins, Jane Lynch, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Tweedy, Ken Burns, Kristin Wiig, Marina Abramovic, Salman Rushdie, Soledad O'Brien, The Flaming Lips, The Pixies, Willem Dafoe, and many others. The series has been staged on five continents and there's also a weekly podcast version called "Murmur."

The Filmmaker-in-Residence position is generously supported by the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.