Piano Classes for Non-Piano Majors

The keyboard department offers classical piano instruction with a commitment to developing the potential of each student.
Advanced non-piano majors may sign up for  private lessons, as instructor time is available. 

Students who are less advanced but interested in developing their keyboard skills may take a group piano class (see description below). At all levels, the aim is to build a strong foundation as a musician and performer: technique, productive and disciplined practice habits, and musical awareness.


Class Piano for Non-Piano Majors

Using the piano lab in a group setting, this course teaches students to read fluently from the grand staff, develop a a process of effectively learning multi-part music, and to play piano repertoire with a healthy technique. This course also emphasizes sight reading and keyboard theory.  Class Piano is paced for the motivated student beginning with no keyboard skills.  More advanced students supplement the pace with additional repertoire and technique.

Text/materials needed:  

Course textbooks are provided.  Additional materials will be chosen to meet the specific needs of the individual student.