Red Wheelbarrow

Selections from the Red Wheelbarrow quarterly magazine, published by the Interlochen Arts Academy Creative Writing Division:

by Allic Rennie

by Anne Malin Ringwalt

Lunch in Summer
by Mishka Hoosen

Dialects, Tongues and People (excerpt)
by Deb Urdaneta

by Jackson Rollings

Come On, We're Going to Calgary (excerpt)
by Sophia Fisher

by Darci Lopez

A Dream in Which I Married the God of North Manitou
by Kiley Harrison

Ninjaboy (excerpt)
by Rachel Thomas

Obruni (excerpt)
by Delali Ayivor

Retirement (opening excerpt from a short story)
by Rachel Thomas

How to Build a Birdhouse with Your Father
an essay by Kiley Harrison

What I Depend On
by Emily Pittinos

Mozambique: April, 2000
by Danny Rothschild