Science Objectives and Requirements

Course Descriptions

Statement of Philosophy

The Science Department offers students a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum with small classes and well-equipped laboratory facilities.  The Academy's 1200 acres of woods and lakeshore provide an exceptional laboratory of course work in the natural sciences.  During evening tutorials, in which students may meet with instructors on an individual basis, an opportunity is provided for extra assistance, independent projects and/or laboratory work.

Department Objectives

  • Acquaintance with the basic principles, concepts, and facts of science through which one can better understand nature, man, and technology.
  • Development of critical thinking and the ability to draw conclusions from data and observations.
  • Fostering familiarity with the natural worlds; its inhabitants, phenomena, interrelationships, and beauty.
  • Preparation for daily living and specialized training for college.

Graduation Requirements

  • One year of Science is required for graduation.
  • It is recommended that students elect at least two years of science to round out their knowledge of the science as it relates to their personal lives and society as well as to provide sequences necessary for admission to colleges requiring laboratory experiences.
  • Courses should be balanced between natural and lab science options.