Theatre Courses: Design and Production

In the Design and Production studies program, the educational approach eventually enables the student to perceive, visualize, and realize practical theatrical designs. Contact with and control of the individual, creative, and expressive instinct is the intent of the study. The many and varied performing arts programs at Interlochen provide the student in Design and Production the opportunity for hands-on experience in the art and techniques of production.  In addition to their focused work in Theatre Arts productions, Design and Production students occasionally work with Motion Picture Arts, Dance, Music and Comparative Arts divisions as well, thus enhancing and broadening their design and production experiences. Imaginative problem solving, management of time and energy, proficiency of skills - in short, the practical disciplines and tools necessary for the effective realization of a creative vision will be studied and practiced. As the student progresses, he/she may choose to concentrate more fully on specific areas and become directly involved in creative production responsibilities. Upper level students may serve as both assistants to the resident and guest Design and Production faculty and/or as designers/technicians themselves with faculty supervision.

Students in Theatre Arts at Interlochen are encouraged to take classes in both Performance and Design and Production areas to enhance their total understanding and experience of the dramatic art, and to study musical theatre as their interest dictates.