Arts Academy Tuition and Payment Options

Please see our General Fee Structure for tuition rates and fees.

Payment Options

Option 1: Pay in Full
Tuition payment will be made in full prior to the start of the Academic school year. A statement will be emailed from the Business Office, listing tuition and fees.

Option 2: Payment Plan
Monthly tuition payments will be made through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). TMS offers a 10-month payment plan, beginning August 1 and ending May 1, that breaks down educational costs into easy-to-handle monthly payments. You pay a one-time enrollment fee, per school year, of $165 to participate. After enrolling, you simply make payments to TMS. Payments can be due on either the 1st or 15th of the month. You may pay TMS online or by phone with a checking account, statement savings account, or credit card. You may also sign up to have TMS automatically deduct your payments from your checking or statement savings account.

Phone: 800.722.4867

Other Sources of Funding

Non-Interlochen Scholarship Opportunities
Outside of Interlochen’s financial aid budget, scholarship opportunities are very rare for secondary education. Many families have found success with various fundraising efforts within their local community and family/friends, through various social media/crowdfunding sites, or securing a private loan. Please note that Interlochen does not offer private tuition loans.

Tuition Loan Programs
Tuition loan programs assist many families (must reside in the United States) in making tuition payments more affordable by providing the funds upfront and spreading the payments over a longer period of time than traditional tuition payment plans allow. Most of these providers offer credit-based loans and may have different standards of credit-worthiness. If you are interested in the loan provider listed below, please contact them directly for current fees, rates and other details.

Your Tuition Solution offers a wide range of low, fixed-rate education plans to help pay for your child's education. To learn more about Your Tuition Solution's flexible plans, compare payment options, or to apply online, visit

Phone: 800.920.9777