The Academy Uniform

Interlochen is a unique educational environment. Our uniform contributes to that sense of community. As a tradition, it binds us together. It contributes to one's focus as an artist and helps our students notice one another for what they do as an artist instead of how they are dressed. Its purpose is to provide a spirit of unity, a simplified day, a means of identification and a connection to a common purpose.

Please note: the uniform for Summer Arts Camp is slightly different. The guidelines below apply only to Arts Academy boarding high school students.

The Day Uniform

Must be worn each class day (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) at all times and all places on campus, including the cafeteria, with the exception of the residence halls or unless specifically exempt for rehearsal reasons when in class (dance, theatre):

  • Solid color navy blue slacks, skirts, jumpers, or walking shorts of any fabric. However, jeans, denim, or sweatpants are not permitted. Jeans or other non-uniform items may not be layered with the navy blue bottoms.
  • Interlochen Logo solid color light blue shirts with collar. The Interlochen Scholarshop carries a variety of styles.
  • Student ID on a navy safety lanyard around the neck or carried with the student at all times.
  • Any color or style shirt, sweater, sweatshirt may be worn over the light blue shirt as long as the collar is showing.
  • Uniform items may be purchased through the Scholarshop.
  • Clothing must provide complete covering from the neck to the knee. No bare midriff, bare cleavage, bare lower back or bottom.
  • No underwear or undergarments may be visible.
  • Students enrolled in visual arts classes or design and production must wear closed-toed shoes at all times when in the studio and shop.
  • Students should dress appropriately for the climate. For example, sandals and flip-flops should not be worn during the winter months.

A Day Uniform is worn by all students throughout the class day anywhere outside of the Residence Halls. Students are responsible for providing their own clothing to comply with the uniform guidelines. Neatness is important. Cut, ripped or frayed clothing is not appropriate. Clothing worn during the class day or any other time may not display images or messages that promote tobacco, alcohol or other illegal drugs, or material which may be considered obscene or offensive. The Academy expects that students’ apparel will be neat, clean, in “good taste”, demonstrative of self-respect and appropriate for the occasion. Shoes are required in all buildings except residence halls. For safety reasons some majors require closed toed footwear as noted below. Non-uniform clothing should follow the same general standards of the day uniform. For more information, please see the Academy Student Handbook.