World Language

Course Descriptions

Statement of Philosophy

Language is the art of communication through behavior, speech and writing. The study of a world language, therefore, involves the student in the communication patterns of other cultures.

In an effort to encourage communication, all of the languages are taught exclusively in the target language, and all communication between the teacher and students takes place in the target language, including grammatical explanations and cultural topics. In essence, the language classroom begins to approximate a microcosm of the foreign country. Contextual clues, cognates, gestures and visual aids assist the learner in understanding without the need to translate to or from his or her native language. Participation at weekly language tables is provided to promote meaningful communication in a less structured environment.


  • The students will be able to read and listen for understanding in the target language at an appropriate level.
  • The students will learn to communicate through speaking and writing in the target language.
  • The students will explore cultural similarities and differences.