Comparative Arts begins exploring theme of "Friendship"

  • Instructor of Comparative Arts Nicola Conraths-Lange works on music for Kenzoku with several students.

  • Luis Resto teaches a student how to use an electronic instrument.

  • A student plays an eletronic instrument during rehearsal.

  • Students from the singer-songwriter and guitar programs are collaborating with the comparative arts students on Kenzoku's music.

October 17, 2017

Comparative Arts started off their semester with residencies by three guest artists.

Former Director of Creative Writing Anne-Marie Oomen was the first guest to arrive. Oomen will be working with students throughout the semester to develop the script for their February performance, Kenzoku. As Kenzoku will feature the theme of friendship, Oomen began by having the students share stories about their own friendships. The students then discussed factors that facilitate and endanger friendships. The students also began writing lyrics for the show’s theme song.

Later in September, Interlochen Arts Academy alumnus Luis Resto and his frequent collaborator, Salar Ansari, arrived. Resto and Ansari, like Oomen, will be working with the students throughout the semester, and are helping them create electronic music for the performance. Resto and Ansari began by teaching the students about the history of electronic music. They also taught the students the basics of playing various electronic instruments. Resto and Ansari will return during Inter*mester to teach a two-week course on synthesizers.

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