Meditation with Paul Rudy

Paul Rudy
April 15, 2016

Composer Paul Rudy recently visited Interlochen and spent time with our academic classes, Academy Band and our Comparative Arts students. The following is a guest blog from Rudy about his meditation session with our Comparative Arts students.

In Comparative Arts, we began by listening to a crystal singing bowl. Sound meditation leads to a place of deep inner listening: listening not just with the ears, but with the whole body. I encourage the students to feel the vibration wherever it lands: on their skin, in their bones, or maybe in their watery parts. We added toning, a technique of just humming or singing softly, again with the awareness of where their own voice vibrates their body. By the end of this toning we were singing in such beautiful resonance with each other, and as often happens, ended together without prompting. We finished with some exercises to bring in some energy: imitating sounds the body makes naturally, the most powerful of which is laughter. Laugher turns the area around the heart into a drum, and drums move a LOT of energy! We finished with an exercise where the students close their ears with the palms of their hands, and tone. This helps them hear their "fundamental" tone (actually a sine wave!), which is the most powerful component of the human voice. Students reported varied and individual experiences from their skeletons being rattled to intense sensations in various parts of their bodies.