Bringing Sherlock to the 21st Century

May 12, 2016

According to Interlochen alumna Brittany Cavallaro it is possible to create something that both honors and critiques its source material. As Cavallaro spoke to a crowd of students, guests and faculty members in The Writing House earlier this month she revealed that she completely immersed herself in the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while writing her first young adult novel A Study In Charlotte. Yet, regardless of how much she enjoyed his work she found some of the antiquated ideologies and notions rather problematic in a modern sensibility.

“Why aren’t there stories of female geniuses?” Cavallaro vexed while discussing the genesis of her titular character. “Modern adaptations of Sherlock entirely skim over the fact that he was a cocaine user,” she added.

In the end, Cavallaro wanted to create a young female protagonist with depth. Someone full of strengths, flaws and the penchant to grow as we all do at that age.

You can learn more about Brittany Cavallaro at A Study in Charlotte is out now.