Wendy Masterson
November 19, 2014

Sleeping Beauty is Awake!

Aurora, the new dawn, is descriptive of Interlochen Dance Company's current production of Sleeping Beauty. Our first ballet of this season, Sleeping Beauty is a culimination of dance, theatre, and music students bringing their passion into the rehearsal process. Three months of intense work have generated a beautiful production that will be performed December 10 - 13.

The daughter of the Queen and King, Aurora represents new life for the kingdom. At Aurora's birth celebration the magical fairies bestow the gifts of grace, patience, fortitude, laughter and audicity before Caraboss, the wicked fairy, lays the well-known curse of "pricking her finger with a spindle and dying." Lilac Fairy counters the death charm with one of her own: the gift of life through a sleep charm, adding "there will come one handsome prince to save her." As the ballet unfolds, Caraboss struggles with the Lilac Fairy and Prince Florimund, but in the end, love is true and life is restored to Aurora and her kingdom.