Dance Happenings Videos

March 18, 2015

The four videos above are recordings from last week's "Dance Happenings" performance, which featured original choreography from three faculty members and one guest artist. Here is a little more background on each work: 

Justin Koertgen’s ballet started out as a study of classical movement and taking it off balance. The choreography evolved as the dancers made mistakes while interpreting the movement. The title Glückliche unfälle means “happy accidents”; sometimes in life the best things come from little happy accidents. The ballet is just that, a tribute to happy accidents.

Matthew Lindstrom has collaborated with theatre, creative writing, motion picture arts, music and dance to present an event with eighth blackbird that will be seen in its entirety on April 9th in Corson Auditorium. We are presenting a preview of that performance using dancers in a work created with and for the dancers.

Wendy Masterson explores the space where dancers meet life and sound with vocabulary generated by Bartók’s marvelous music.

DanceWorks Chicago and Interlochen have been working for two years to culminate in this project that puts both Interlochen students and DanceWorks Chicago professional artists on the stage together. Rehearsing in Chicago and at Interlochen, Christian Denice has choreographed a passionate piece inspired by his mother’s work with autistic children and the need, desire and sometimes the inability to communicate.