All-American filmmakers

  • Christina Xing and Shane Bagwell on the "blue carpet" at the All American High School Film Festival.
    Photo Credit: All-American High School Film Festival

October 10, 2016

Motion Picture Arts students were well-represented at the All American High School Film Festival in New York.

Senior Christina Xing was awarded Best Drama for her short film, “Goldfish.” Christina also received nominations for Best Overall Film, Best Direction and Female Rising Star. “Goldfish” has also been accepted into the Second Asia International Youth Short Film Festival in Wenzhou, China.

Senior Shane Bagwell and alumnus Oliver Howell (IAC 14, IAA 14-16) were also nominated at the festival. Shane and Oliver directed a music video of singer-songwriter alumnus Connor MacDonald’s “Lifetime” for an Inter*mester project. Shane also produced and filmed “Goldfish” alongside director Christina Xing.

Alumna Kira Bursky (IAA 11-14) was also present at the festival: her drama “Really Looking” earned her a nomination for the Best Super Senior Award (for filmmakers age 19-25).

Congratulations to Christina, Shane, Oliver, Kira and Connor!