Alumni films attract national attention

March 13, 2018

Three Arts Academy Motion Picture Arts alumni have made headlines with their recent projects.

Ellie Sachs (IAA 08-10) was mentioned in The New York Times for her new film, a remake of the Woody Allen classic Annie Hall. Sachs’ film, called My Annie Hall, stars members of the Lennox Hill Neighborhood House senior center in New York City. The film premiered in December.

Christina Xing’s (IAA 15-17) new film, How the Moon Fell from the Sky and Nobody Even Noticed, will debut on June 29. The 40-minute musical was written by fellow alumnus Jack Fossett (IAA 15-16) and stars Peter Carroll (IAC 14-15, IAA 16-17, IAC St 17) and Nick Trivisonno (IAC 11-15, IAA 15-17). The film’s choreography and soundtrack were also created by Arts Academy students and alumni. The film has been featured in Out Magazine and Instinct Magazine, among others.

Gus Péwé (IAC 10, IAA 10-11, IAC St 12-17) has also received recognition for one of his recent films. Péwé was selected as a finalist in the Francis Coppola Director’s Short Film Competition for his film, “This Vacuum is Too Loud.” The film was selected as the Viewer’s Choice Award winner.

Congratulations to our alumni!