Anatomy of a scene with Our Lady J

December 14, 2016

“This is called a bubble scene,” Our Lady J (IAA 94-96) said while gesturing to the screen behind her in the DeRoy Center for Film Studies Lobby. Lady J (or Jonnah) went on to explain the anatomy of the scene she had written for season 3 of the Amazon show Transparent.

Since season 2, she has served as the only trans writer on the critically acclaimed Jill Soloway show. Earlier this year, she added the distinction of producer to her writing credit.

After breaking down the scene and the techniques used to create an effective “bubble”, Jonnah explained to the room of young filmmakers how producing has changed her work. “It’s challenging, certainly, but it’s rewarding, too,” Jonnah said about the process of pitching the upcoming season of Transparent to executives at Amazon.

Before wrapping up, Jonnah mentioned a meeting she had with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shortly after he announced his Blue Origin rocket program. She told him, “I want to be the first trans person in space!” Best of luck, Jonnah!