Case study: The Traverse City State Theatre

  • Students pose outside the Bijou Theatre (left) and receive a tour of the the theatre's projection room (right).

October 11, 2016

Students in the Film History class visited the Bijou Theatre in downtown Traverse City on October 13.

Instructor Leslie Tye is utilizing the Bijou Theatre, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, as a case study of the eras of film that she is teaching the students. The students received an overview of the theatre’s history--including its restoration by the Traverse City Film Festival--and a tour of the theatre from basement to projection booth. The tour, led by Traverse City Film Festival Executive Director Deb Lake, wrapped up with a private screening of several films to give the students an idea of the Bijou as a screening venue.

Throughout the semester, the students will continue to use their experience at the Bijou Theatre as a reference point for their studies of film in America and the influence of film on the American public. Deb Lake will also visit campus several times to discuss the current state of film and film festivals.