Exploring the Mash-Up

Leslie Tye
March 19, 2015
The students in the New Genres in the Digital Age class have culminated our exploration of the Mash-Up with a creative project where they had to create their own mash-up or remix. The assignment was to appropriate at least two existing works (created by someone else) and transform them by remixing them into something new. They were also required to explain their process and their piece and why they felt they could claim Fair Use for their creation. They could use any medium for the project. Here’s what Marieke de Koker created using photoshop and two images that she manipulated. You can read about her project here

Many of the students chose to work on videos, and the content ranged from parodies to political commentary to pure play with juxtaposition of sound and image. Here is Anna Kotyza’s explanation of her project: 

“My mashup video, “What a Wonderful World?”, created by combing archival videos from youtube.com and archive.org, combines music and footage to create an new ironic interpretation of Severn Suzuki’s speech. By combining Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” and Severn Suzuki’s speech, I made sure that the sound in this video had an idealistic feel to it. However, I chose to juxtapose the quixotic soundtrack with (sometimes grotesquely) realistic footage of the world. In this juxtaposition, I created a new, and somewhat satirical interpretation of the footage and the sound. I am also not distributing nor making money off of this mash-up video.

The reason my work differs from the original is because I transformed the footage onto an animated television screen and economically used different snippets of footage. Also, I used an instrumental of “What a Wonderful World”, and instead of having Louis Armstrong’s lyrics, I chose to overlay Severn Suzuki’s speech onto the track.”