FIR Animation

Joe Stucky
April 22, 2015

In FIR Animation, we have screened several films showcasing different styles and techniques of animation. So many varying types of animation have been made, but as a class we have viewed a range that encompasses a diversity in forms. Students have chosen their own style to utilize. Some have found inspiration from William Kentridge, “Apache” (a Danger Beach animated music video), “Music scene” by Anthony Shephard, “Motion Graphic Music Sonar” by Renaud Hallee, “Take on Me” (a music video directed by Steve Barron), and visual artist Vik Muniz’s to name a few. Students have begun to create storyboards for a short animation project showcasing the technique that they find most inspiring. They will then begin to make their concepts move. I am very thrilled with the range of choices and ideas that are in progress.