Spring Update

Michael Mittelstaedt
March 16, 2015

MPA is running headlong into the last quarter. Anna Kotyza just wrapped the last of eight thesis productions that run the gamut of storylines from the haunting of insomnia to the rebellious nature of both the punk and the jazz age. And production took place in temperatures spanning 80 degrees (-30 to +50 degrees F).  

Students are just beginning to learn their college acceptances, as they make plans for the future. The list of schools is diverse: University of Central Florida, Czech Film School, and Royal Scottish Academy, to name a few.  

Between now and the end of the season the freshman/sophomore and junior/senior classes will be producing their own longer work as a peer group, taking on the weight of a full production. Before break, each group got together to collaborate on the ideas and then handed them off to screenwriters and partnered to complete the script in time to cast when we return from spring break. The amicable nature of the conversations showed the strength of the groups’ abilities to collaborate and share creative work.   

Meanwhile, I am in the homestretch of my sabbatical summers, preparing for my western, working title, Chasing Daylight. It’s an invaluable experience to be the student again: script, directing homework, workshopping, fundraising and casting. An experience as both the Executive Producer and the Artist. It’s a refreshed perspective on everything that I ask of my students; the courage, the humility, and the abilities to both brush ourselves off after failures and not getting too puffed up on the successes.