Showcasing student works

February 14, 2017

On Jan. 27, Motion Picture Arts presented their first showcase of the 2016-17 academic year.

Prior the program the student filmmakers gave audiences a chance to view student works that were not on the evening’s main program. Audiences then returned to the DeRoy Commons for free popcorn and the evening’s main event.

The program began with 60-second shorts created by first-year Motion Picture Arts students. These shorts, designed to reveal a “hidden world,” ranged from alien encounters to daydreams.

Next, returning students showed off the skills they acquired in DeRoy Testamentary Foundation Filmmaker-in-Residence Lydia Hick’s Nature Cinematography class. The audience enjoyed each student’s interpretation of the class material, from stunning montages of nature to documentaries about ducks and human classmates.

The highlights of the evening were four music videos produced over Inter*mester in collaboration with Singer-Songwriter students. The final films of the evening were two trailers for senior thesis films, which will be presented later in the year.

The standing-room-only crowd enthusiastically applauded as the lights came up. Motion Picture Arts students were available after the program to answer questions about their films and receive congratulations from their peers and guests.