Halloween Weekend

Ellen West
November 4, 2014

How Art School Does Halloween

Halloween at a school with its own costume department is no laughing matter, and our students were dressed to the nines for Halloween (well, as scary things and pop-culturally relevant people, that is).  The students that work on the Student Activities crew and the staff came together ahead of time and dressed the whole rotunda in spooky spider webbing and then lit up the scene with lights. The DJs of the night, Mikaela and Maria, were on it from the start. Check out these costumes and makeup! The following night, a band from Kalamazoo, Graham Parsons and the Go-Rounds had a show in Fine Arts during a Halloween carnival! There was cupcake decorating, temporary tattoos, and cotton candy. The students had a full weekend of fun, silliness, and Halloween sugar! Now, we head into our final weeks before Thanksgiving break...