A Program for Everyone!

Ellen West
October 3, 2014

At a boarding school for the arts, Residence Life makes a home.

Residence Life programming is a special time for both students and staff. It gives us time with one another that stands in place of home life. Some days, it is a cozy movie or game night, sometimes it is a craft based activity that brings people together, and sometimes it is more serious or educational based on the needs of the students at certain times.

Already, the Residence Life Department is off and running with programming opportunities in different dorms and halls ranging from a “Destroy this Journal page” night in Karolyn’s hall in TJ, a “Planet Earth” viewing party with Devon in Hemingway, a “Picasso Unplugged” day time activity, a paper crane and origami night in Tiffany’s hall in DeRoy, and many more. Here are just a few photos to give you an idea!