The Pull of Nature

Ellen West
October 28, 2014
Sunset Stress Release

Usually I would plan to post about a specific event for all of you to read about, but sometimes the most beautiful moments here in your children's lives are the unplanned ones. Just a few moments ago on this Tuesday night, I was walking across the mall on main campus when the sunlight broke through a stormy sky and poured across my path. I felt drawn down to the Stone waterfront only to be greeted by a stunning sunset. The water was an urgent stormy grey and the wave caps were lit with orange flashes of light reflecting from the sky. I turned around in time to see students begin to pour over the stairs down to the beach. They must have seen the sky lit with tangerine. More and more came - the sight seemed to really pull them in. There were soon about forty or fifty students just taking in the sight, their arms around their dear friends as the sun slipped farther into the horizon. The wind was in our faces and the water had a wintery look, but that only made the moment more intensely special. This is fall at Interlochen.