Senior Trip, Destination: Mackinac Island

Mary Carter and Ellen West
October 9, 2014

The Great Escape

Senior year happens so quickly: the scheduling, the rushing, the college applications, and the recitals. We are already one month into the school year, wondering how the days can feel so full and long but the weeks fly by. Sometimes, you have to stop and smell the roses.

For the senior class, one large pause in the year is a day long escape to Mackinac Island, the land of fudge and freedom. Given eight hours and one island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, over one hundred and eighty seniors accompanied by a mix of faculty and staff, boated to the destination and frolicked about as if college deadlines weren’t rapidly approaching and Monday was far off in the distance. They rode bikes, sunbathed, walked around, swung in elementary playground swings, skipped about, window shopped, and above all, they ate. They ate fudge, drank coffee and topped it off with more fudge on the ride home. They came home exhausted and with happy hearts. Fun and relaxation were had by all!