What we do when our homework is (mostly) done...

Ellen West
October 7, 2014

The First Coffeehouse of the Year!

A Coffeehouse at Interlochen is truly a sight to behold. Named for the atmosphere, this particular style of open-mic event is an Interlochen standard. For years, the Coffeehouse has been a student favorite. Once a month, students gather to share short vignettes and snippets of talent inside or outside of their arts major with one another in the cozy Fine Arts building. Students pile into the room and their faces glow with admiration for one another and the twinkling of strings of lights. There is a strong sense of support and celebration for one another. Being the first Coffeehouse of the year, this event event was hosted by our Student Body President, Bayleigh and her friend, Oliver. It was a big success; the performers dazzled the crowd and the applause was raucous. Check out the photos above to see it in action.