And a New Day Has Begun

February 3, 2015

Well, at least a new semester has begun. Students are getting into the swing of their new class schedule and into really warm clothes. The temperature Monday (Feb. 2) was -5 and we were all bundled up. The seniors went to Chicago Auditions by bus on Sunday. They arrived safe and sound but an hour late due to the weather. Fortunately, the weather forecast for their return on Wednesday is a good one.  

Last week, we had three writer/composer/lyricists here - Hunter Bell, Adam Gwon and Jeffrey Bowen. They were here both to work on new material and to meet and work with our students. You should Google them to learn all about them. The students were really excited to have them here.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been busy going to class, catching up on homework, and clearing up after the One Acts. For those of you who were unable to see the One Acts - they were great!  The directors picked really good material, did a very nice job of directing and the actors gave us their best. The most wonderful thing about the One Acts this year was the way each of the casts bonded. I think they all made new lasting friendships and got a new appreciation for their fellow theatre students.

Amadeus has started rehearsals and The King and I will start in a few weeks so everyone will be kept very busy. (Nothing new there.) It is a semester when encouragement and goodies from home will probably be greatly appreciated.