Curtain rises on spring shows

April 17, 2017

Theatre students performed two of their three year-end performances in late April.

On April 21, Interlochen Arts Academy’s theatre students opened Interlochen’s first-ever production of Shakspeare’s lost play, Cardenio. As a part of the show weekend, the Interlochen College of Creative Arts offered a symposium about the authorship controversy surrounding the play, which the cast was invited to attend. The weekend’s festivities also included behind-the-scenes sessions with the set and costume designers.

Another play, A Wrinkle in Time, will open on April 28. The play is a stage adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle’s beloved children’s novel of the same name and features several of Interlochen Arts Academy’s younger theatre students in starring roles.

In addition, a group of senior theatre majors led by Maddie Allen, Ben Rodenmeyer and Patrick Rutkowski was selected to present the Senior Performance at Commencement on May 27. The understudies for the performers are dancers Noah Klark and Michaella Barron.