Final Scenes

Laura Mittelstaedt
May 15, 2015

Many of our acting technique classes will end the semester with a final scene.  Speaking specifically about the acting tech class I teach, we are approaching the final weeks where the actors who came to Interlochen as new freshman and new sophomores are about to leave having spent a year together.  Looking over their shoulder at September in the distant past, many of them have reached a transformation as young actors that is indicative of a strengthening of purpose, a fueling of their passion and in some cases an upheaval of their old habits and preconceptions about being a theatre artist.  Their final scenes include hours of rehearsal, many moments of frustration, scruitinizing lines, moments, beats and objectives, obessing about the details, slamming doors, tug-of-war, inspiration, and play.  This group will participate in freshman/sophomore juries next week, were they will present a monologue to the entire faculty intended to incorporate what they have learned this year.  This is a tall order, but one where tremendous growth will be detected.  I am proud of the progress they have made, and trust that as returning sophomores and juniors next September, they will be ready for the new challenges and opportunities of leadership the 2015-16 year will bestow on them.