Past Present Future

May 12, 2015

It is hard to believe but we are finishing up another Academy year.  Thought I would give you a review of the past year, where we are now and what next year holds for us.

PAST:  We had  3 very successful mainstage productions of PLATONOV, THE SECRET IN THE WINGS, and AMADEUS.  Our studio performances of TROILUS AND CRESSIDA and LET ME DOWN EASY showcased a number of our actors and of course there were the Student Directed One Acts.  Personally I thought they were the best set of One Acts that we have done.  They were especially great in bonding our students and helping them to appreciate each other as actors and individuals.  A number of our students also went to see an interesting local performance of CYRANO with only 3 actors and showcased our Laura Mittelstaedt as Cyrano.  Then there was the annual Chicago Theatre Audition trip in February.  As usual the seniors/post grads went feeling anxious but admitted to really enjoying themselves while there.  

PRESENT:  This weekend will see the final production, THE KING AND I.  (I hope you all have tickets.) After the Friday performance we will have our final cast party.  It is always special since it is the last one and the members of the performance orchestra join us in celebrating.  Next week are juries for all the underclass students and the Agent Showcase for the seniors and post graduates.  We will once again have 3 agents here to critique the senior/post graduate monologues and give them feed back.  The agents will be our final guest artists for the 2014-15 year.  I hope that many of you parents of graduating students will be here for Festival during graduation week.  I know that for many of you it will be the first opportunity you will have to see your student perform.

FUTURE:  The production LIST for next year is an exciting one but very SECRET.  The students will be the first to find out at our last Division meeting for the year.  

THANK YOU - to all the families of the graduating seniors and post graduates for honoring us by lending us your students.  They have greatly enhanced our lives and we will miss them.  Our hearts and minds will be with them as they move on in life.  Thanks also to the parents of students returning for the 2015-16 year.  They too have enriched our lives and we promise to continue caring for them next year and helping them learn and grow.  To all of you, have a GREAT SUMMER!.