Where MPA Majors and Actors Meet in the Classroom

Laura Mittelstaedt
February 26, 2015

Acting for Camera

Due to its popularity, there are two sections of Acting for Camera this semester. In each section there are Motion Picture Arts majors along with Theatre Majors, who find themselves navigating the often unfamiliar territory on the other side of the camera. Likewise, the actors in the class are learning to use the camera, sound recording equipment and set up a three-point lighting scheme. We've just finished a segment on acting for commercials, a deceptively simple task, where they are challenged to apply thier craft to selling credit cards, insurance, acne treatments, etc. Today they received thier scene assignments from produced screenplays, none of the latest Oscar winners, but some from the recent past. My hope is that they end up seizing the freedom granted by acting for the camera, instead of struggling with the restrictions.