Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirement for graduation from the Academy is 22 credits. Credits transferred from other high schools count towards this total. A minimum of 10 of the 22 credits must be academic courses that include the specific requirements outlined below. Classes are worth 0.5 credit per semester unless otherwise indicated in the course description. Additional coursework beyond the minimum requirements is selected from a variety of electives to fulfill arts major requirements and to satisfy anticipated college/conservatory entrance requirements. Students should seek complete information from their counselor in the Academic and College Counseling Office regarding graduation and college entrance requirements.

Requirements for new students, regardless of class year:

(Credit) Subject Area

  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English I (grade 9 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English II (grade 10 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English III (grade 11 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English electives successfully completed during grade 12
  • (2.0) 4 semesters of Social Science (2 semesters must be completed in grades 11 or 12)
  • (2.0) 2 years of Mathematics
  • (1.0) 1 year of Science 

College/Conservatory Expectations

Most colleges recommend students take at least 16 academic credits in high school, including:

  • 4 credits in English
  • 3-4 credits in Math
  • 3-4 credits in Science
  • 3-4 credits Social Science
  • Minimum 2 credits in the same Foreign Language