Student Services

At Interlochen Arts Academy, students are immersed in a rigorous artistic and academic program. As such, we offer many student support services to ensure student success.

Academic and College Counseling (ACC)
The Academic and College Counseling department guides student academic scheduling and preparation, and the college application process. Counselors are available for appointments throughout the class day. Each student receives support planning their academic course selections in these general areas:

  • General education and preparedness
  • Artistic goals and aspirations
  • Collegiate goals

Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE)
The Academic Center for Enrichment is the home of Interlochen's student academic support services. There are four programs to address distinct areas of need: Interlochen 101, a course to build student success skills; Advanced Study, structure for students taking online courses; Assisted Study, homework and study help; and Tutoring Services.

Bonisteel Library
The Bonisteel Library advances the passion for arts by providing the Interlochen community with a diverse and evolving collection, knowledgeable and responsive staff, comfortable and inviting facilities, and current and emerging technologies.

Academic tutorials are regularly scheduled on Monday and Tuesday evenings, 7-9 p.m. Academic instructors hold tutorials to assist students who may desire or need help with their studies.

Health Services
Health Services is open sixteen hours per day for treatment of illness and injuries, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent matters. Other services offered include: appointments scheduled in Traverse City (orthodontist, optometrist, etc.), referrals to medical specialists, procurement of medication, provision of medical equipment on loan (crutches, heating pads, ice packs, etc.), medical whirlpool use (free of charge for students, and physical therapy appointments on-site.

Every student is assigned a faculty advisor. The mission of the advisory program is to provide time and space for the guidance and support of all Interlochen Arts Academy students. Through individual, small group and community-wide experiences, advisors serve as mentors and provide a safe environment where advisees gather weekly to share and reflect. The highest priority of the advisory experience centers on establishing a supportive student/adult relationship outside of the student’s main area of focus.