Academic and College Counseling

The academic and college counseling office recognizes that each student's educational experiences and personal uniqueness is distinctive, so our advisement is specifically tailored to the goals of the individual student. This process begins at the onset of their Interlochen experience. We work with students to identify the curriculum, which will best position them for college application process.  While curricular advisement and class meetings take place at each grade level, the formalized individual college counseling process begins at the conclusion of the first semester of the junior year. With five experienced college counselors and an array of resources here at Interlochen, students and families can be assured that they will receive the personal attention that this process deserves.

The academic and college counseling team also oversees emotional and academic supports at Interlochen Arts Academy. Academic supports are administered through the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE). Housed in the Mott Rotunda, ACE connects students with peer and professional tutors and provides space for advanced and assisted studies.

Interlochen offers psychological and mental health support for students through on-campus professionals as well as a partnership with telecounseling service Enable My Child.