Mathematics and Sciences

The Math and Science Division is supported by an endowment from the R.B. Annis Educational Foundation. The generous support of the Annis Foundation has allowed the Math and Science Division to become a leader in using technology in the classroom. The generosity of the Annis Foundation supports an annual camping trip for up to 40 students. Field trips and speakers, including collaborations with arts departments around campus, are supported by the endowment. All faculty participate in ongoing professional growth by attendance at regional and national conferences.

Faculty in the R.B. Annis Math and Science Division recognize that there's a wonderful marriage between the arts and sciences. Students at Interlochen Arts Academy have the talent and ability to express themselves through an art form, giving them tremendous power to educate and share with others. It is ever more critical that these students develop an appreciation of the natural world, an ability to interpret numerical data, and the ability to think critically and ethically about the way science is shaping society.