Health Services

Phone: 231.276.7220

For information on Interlochen’s response to COVID-19, please see this webpage. Contact with any questions or concerns not addressed in the COVID-19 page.

Interlochen’s Health Services is located in the east wing of Thor Johnson House and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for treatment of ill and injured students. With each student visit, the staff promotes healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to a full-time staff of registered nurses, a licensed nurse practitioner holds regular office hours for treatment and referrals to local specialists.

Services include: Assistance with off-campus appointment scheduling and transportation (orthodontist, optometrist, etc.); referrals to medical specialists; procurement of medication for students; provision of medical equipment on loan (crutches, heating pads, ice packs, etc.); therapy whirlpool; private teletherapy rooms.

Emergency medical services are located 1.5 miles from Interlochen’s main entrance and Munson Medical Center, a level II trauma center and referral hospital, is just a short drive away in Traverse City. Munson Medical Center has nearly 300 physicians practicing in 35 specialties.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Interlochen offers psychological and mental health support for students through on-campus professionals as well as a partnership with telecounseling service Enable My Child. Counseling services are coordinated by the Academic and College Counseling office.